Creating great literature is now a social activity!

Someone once said that if you have enough monkeys banging away on keyboards, they would re-create the works of William Shakespeare.

Shakespearean Monkeys is an attempt at just that!
(well, not really as they wouldn't let us loose with real monkeys. What we've seen from twitter and facebook suggested that the internet could be just as good)

The concept is simple - you probably know it from school.
You Know, that game where you write something and pass it on and at the end you get a funny story - that's what this is, only with the internet and therefore better!

So start banging away and see how close you and your friends can rival the works of Shakespeare. (though, let's face it, it's unlikely)
The results can be... amazing.
(They can also be appalling, it all depends on you, your friends, your friends friends, their friends and so on...)
oh, and if you like this site... then why not see what our advertisers have to say, once you're finished contributing of course. Then we can get some money.... we have, after all invested wasted a lot of time making this.