Too much fun!

"The pressure" in 7-6 meter

You have the opportunity to write line 6 in this story, on the theme of poetry.
Ths story will have 20 lines, and once they've all been written, you will be sent an email inviting you to read the finished story.
It might be crap, it might be great - that all depends on you, your friends, and your friends friends.

This is the text you have to follow on from:

Walking down the dusty road...
of time's relentless march.

eyes wide open struggling
around me much is dark
featureless direction front
just barely clear at sides
the only way that's clear to me
has been before my eyes
fraught the path with dangers oft
but these cannot be seen
I stumble through amazingly
the myth inside the mean

the sweet scent of begonias
brought me back to task
my efforts on the unimog
were clearly all a farce

the broken glass I did not cause
I wouldn't cause such pain
but take advantage of the breach
I did, like swiney rain

puking, wretching vomitting,
writhing on the ground,
gunge flows from each orifice,
the cure cannot be found

but could the phallic chalice mean
would that bring back that sweet
begonia scent that clears the senses
lifts the fog, unites the earth and sky and stars

Another march - yet another spring
more songs unsung that wait to be freed
by us - those longing to find peace, redemption, paradise, homesteads eternal

- don't forget to include the word peacock feather that your friend suggested!

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Once your story is saved, you will be redirected to facebook, with a preprepared message to send to your friends - or email addresses.
This message contains the link they need to follow to make the next contribution.
Should you not want to invite friends with facebook, or not have a facebook account, simply click cancel, and you will be shown the thank you page from where you can distribute invites manually.