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Deep Blue

You have the opportunity to write line 2 in this story, on the theme of abstract.
Ths story will have 15 lines, and once they've all been written, you will be sent an email inviting you to read the finished story.
It might be crap, it might be great - that all depends on you, your friends, and your friends friends.

This is the text you have to follow on from:

Falling, but rising still, as in a circle, or orbit. Always changing as one thing stays the same. The planet we orbit hurtling silently and aimlessly through the void, as we cling to it for dear life, sedated by the deep deep blue.

But what is this blue? Is it the sea? Is it the air? Perhaps light with a wavelength of around 400 nm?
Some say that blue is a social construct; absent from the writings of antiquity. In ancient Greece the sky was bronze, for blue had not yet been invented.
And is blue objective or subjective? Colour from our minds.

- don't forget to include the word sleep that your friend suggested!

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