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The Alien

You have the opportunity to write line 3 in this story, on the theme of sci-fi.
Ths story will have 10 lines, and once they've all been written, you will be sent an email inviting you to read the finished story.
It might be crap, it might be great - that all depends on you, your friends, and your friends friends.

This is the text you have to follow on from:

Anton Walker, at the headquarters of SETI, watched the sky through one of their giant telescopes.

and gawked at what he saw. Right there in front of his nose... well it looked like it was in front of his nose due to the amazing magnification abilities of the Hefler-Bousche Telescope and Wanton-Mansteich imaging software coupled with the Louise-Reichelt Photographic paper quality. Regardless, he was dumbfounded.

He ducked quickly as the hige pile of horse manure that had been launched from the trebuchet sailed toward him ... the magification of the telescope made it appear that the load would smack right into him - though he was light years away. It would be an interesting day for Anton Walker.

- don't forget to include the word coronary that your friend suggested!

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