Too much fun!

What's a perfect day?

You have the opportunity to write line 3 in this story, on the theme of comedy.
Ths story will have 30 lines, and once they've all been written, you will be sent an email inviting you to read the finished story.
It might be crap, it might be great - that all depends on you, your friends, and your friends friends.

This is the text you have to follow on from:

Allen always knew how a perfect life has to look like. And now he has the opportunity to live that way. At least for one day. A day where everything is possible. A day where only Allen decides how the story of the day continues. It is not a question of money, not a question of limits anymore. Let us have a look at Allens perfect day.

To begin with, he opened the draw where his cleaning stuff was stored. Not that a perfect day should include household duties, but first the conditions needed to be set. He expected to find his discount kitcher cleaner, but it was gone - magically replaced by a shiny bottle of - of course - mr. propper .

THANK GOD! he exclaimed grabbing the bottle and tipping it unceremoniously down the drain. That done he headed down to the Zitadelle for a quick bout of worship and then began his day proper. Smiling generously, he walked into...

- don't forget to include the word lackluster that your friend suggested!

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Once your story is saved, you will be redirected to facebook, with a preprepared message to send to your friends - or email addresses.
This message contains the link they need to follow to make the next contribution.
Should you not want to invite friends with facebook, or not have a facebook account, simply click cancel, and you will be shown the thank you page from where you can distribute invites manually.