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Annie's Muffins

You have the opportunity to write line 5 in this story on the theme of fairytale.
Ths story will have 10 lines,
and as it's only 5 lines from the end, you may want to help bring it to a close.
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This is the text you have to follow on from:

Annie liked to cook muffins. She tried a new recipe every Saturday morning and the other six days of the week she made her favorites. On this particular Friday, she had still not decided on what to make for her latest creation when there came a knock at the door.

When she opened the door, she was greeted by a smiling little fairy carrying a mini hammer and three six penny nails. "Can you help me?" the fairy asked in her tiny little voice. "Of course, if you can also help me decide what kind of muffins to make." An arbitrary request but a deal was struck and they headed out to

the cemetary, gossiping all the while about the senator that tweeted pics of his weenie to call girls. After hanging the fairy's garlic necklace on the vampire's tomb, they decided to go to the bazaar to look at seasonal fruits to make the muffins from. Unfortunatley, they ran into a contagious

Zombie, who had a nasty sinus infection. The Zombie sneezed big gobs of black and orange snot right next to a quaint little stand of fresh apricots. Appalled, Annie reached into her cleavage, pulled out a clever, and beheaded the poor sniffling creature. She then turned to the fruit tender and said

Through the mystical powers vested upon my cleavage blessed cleaver, the tainted snot of thy Zombie shall be transformed through metempsychosis into a lovely fruit bearing unicorn."

- don't forget to include the word potent that your friend suggested!

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