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Blue brain erotopia

Created on: 8th April 2019 by Romanos Bolotas
Last contributed to: 8th April 2019

"reverse engineered neocortex
formed through poly-dimensional typologies

reverse engineered love
formed from the ideal
aching to materialise the object a..."

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Created on: 29th April 2015 by Kaakun
Last contributed to: 27th September 2018

"Is was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Ism was the best of time,s it was the bluest of times. Is adjorn)fjornada)nijtgjieugjuerjuetjgirujtriugjruitgjrjjgijgtrujrasalsmqwkdmcnerhgfbuhan..."

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Deep Blue

Created on: 31st July 2016 by Alex
Last contributed to: 11th February 2018
Game type: Open

"But what is this blue? Is it the sea? Is it the air? Perhaps light with a wavelength of around 400 nm?
Some say that blue is a social construct; absent from the writings of antiquity. In ancien..."

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Beauty and The Best

Created on: 26th December 2016 by paulie
Last contributed to: 4th June 2017
Game type: Open

"Regardless, on that sunny day when I finally met Rubik after a long correspondence I was not really thinking about Cubes or Algorithms and had forgotten to tie my shoes. I walked, or rather tripped, i..."

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Oh Dear

Created on: 12th October 2012 by Raku
Last contributed to: 19th April 2016
Game type: Open

"But it wasn't as he bled
It was hard to be tough
As it played out this gruesome scene
He couldn't keep up his uneasy bluff..."

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Created on: 30th July 2013 by RuinedThisStory
Last contributed to: 9th December 2015

"In doing so, he actually broke free somehow and took out pretty much everyone THE END


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Random sense words

Created on: 2nd November 2015 by Piotr
Last contributed to: 2nd November 2015
Game type: Open

"easy quite shake new old final ring heap you tall car maximum easy pop hard ball rings battle day hard heard built smallest..."

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Created on: 9th September 2014 by ilya
Last contributed to: 9th September 2014
Game type: Open

sdlfkgj sdfg sdf
fgl sjdfgkl sdjfglsjd
fgkl sjd
flgj s
dflkgj s
dlfkj g

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Created on: 16th May 2014 by Anonymous
Last contributed to: 16th May 2014

"bushCONNECT is a regional leadership networking event powered by the Bush Foundation and created in partnership with nearly 30 organizations from Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. bushCONNECT ..."

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Created on: 27th February 2014 by AAAAAAAAA
Last contributed to: 27th February 2014


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