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a man's mythos - Created on 14th April 2012 by princessjealousy
This is an open story, so here is the story so far:

Scene: A small coffee shop were a man sits center stage with a laptop.

George types a bit. Stops. Drinks coffee. Types some more, sighs and closes his computer.

Enter Francis dragging large typewriter. George quickly opens laptop again, pretends to be busy.

George: Late again I suppose, and here I am already a chap

Francis: Sorry I'm late, but I had to catch the train and you know how slow it gets when there are meteor showers.

George: (clearing throat) Well then, we have a lot of work ahead of us, don't we? (pause) You did do what I asked, didn't you?

Francis looks around the coffee shop, seemingly distracted.

George: You *did* do what I asked you, right?

Francis held up a small fruitcake.

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