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Apaloosa Sundown - Created on 7th November 2011 by lucas
This is an open story, so here is the story so far:

The previously raucous room fell suddenly silent as Melky stepped in from the street. The tinkling bell and punch of air as the door swung shut were the only sounds and all eyes were intent upon him. Not the most promising of welcomes he thought as he slowly stepped in the direction of the bar, spurs jingling and boots

scraping along the well worn floor boards. He looked at the bartender and received a strong look of contempt in return. Obviously things were not going well. He tried to smile but the air became thicker at that exact moment and his lips were pressed downward in a most uncomfortable way, at least that is what he told

the sheriffs constable the next morning. Whatever it was, the expression was not taken kindly to by the patrons and a riot of sorts ensued. Melky was blamed for setting the spark but most who were there claimed it was the infatuated bar owners wife and the particular way in which she shed her

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